Bundle your Insurance with a Multi-Policy Discount in Brooklyn, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Prospect Park, Williamsburg & Surrounding Areas

Work with us for savings and simplify your life.

JNR Insurance has the multi-policy discount options for you.

Are you tired of buying policies one at a time? Do you wish you could bundle all of your insurance policies with one provider? You can easily manage all of your policies in one place through JNR Insurance of Brooklyn, New York. We offer bundling and multi-policy discount options to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Three benefits of having a multi-policy discount:

There are many benefits to bundling your insurance policies. By bundling your car, home, umbrella or rental insurance, you’ll:

  1. Save time: When all of your insurance policies are with one company you’re making your life easier. You just need to make one call to speak with a rep who can handle your account.
  2. Save money: With multiple policies, you can reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance, car insurance and more.
  3. Simplify claims: You’ll no longer have to deal with multiple adjusters or differing claim processes. Having just one provider will simplify your life.

No more dealing with multiple payments each month. Call 718-640-1642 today, and we’ll guide you through your multi-policy discount options with JNR Insurance.

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