Small Business Insurance in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Williamsburg, NY and Nearby Cities

Are you wondering if you need to invest in insurance for your small business? Let us, the experts at JNR Insurance Agency, explain you the importance of small business insurance. We are a locally owned and operated insurance broker who has been working in this field since 2004. We have always believed in bring in a personal touch in our professional services. Over the years, due to our dedication, commitment, and our urge to help thousands of individual as well as the businesses to get their insurance coverage needs has helped us grew a lot. Our agents  are experienced enough to offer Premier advice to the people of Brooklyn, Jersey City, Bushwick, Prospect Park, NY, Williamsburg, NY, and Dumbo, NY about paying the right amount and getting the equivalent type of insurance coverage without losing out on any opportunity.Small Business Insurance in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Williamsburg, NY

Below we have mentioned the 2 common types of insurance that every small business needs. Take a look.

  1. General liability insurance

Many times small businesses get only one type of insurance coverage. If such is the case then the company should go for this policy as whether big or small, working on field or off field, everyone can benefit from this policy. This policy provides the basic protection to the employees like medical expenses, attorney fees, coverage against on site accidents, and many more


  1. Professional liability insurance

This particular policy provides coverage to the business against those negligence claims that arise due to mistake or non performance of anything. In a business many times there are malpractices or negligence taking place, a former client might Sue you for bad advice; this insurance policy provides protection for such expenses. This particular policy is also known as errors and omission insurance.

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